Daily mechanical plaque removal

Daily mechanical plaque removal;
Professional, personalised oral hygiene instruction;
Patients must understand the life-long commitment to prevention;
Brushing reduces plaque and gingivitis
(2 minutes twice daily for low-risk cases, but more for high-risk cases);
Rechargeable power brushes are the most effective;
Daily interproximal cleaning with interdental brushes is best;
Chemical anti-plaque agents aids gingivitis management and prevents plaque accumulation (but can patients afford them?).

This list of guidelines for both dental practitioners and hygienists is the summary of research into the prevention of periodontal disease carried out by working group 4 of the XI European Workshop in Periodontology. Held in November 2014, the conclusions from research using a systematic review system have now been boiled down to practical reminders for oral health professionals.

The list of guidelines above is the essential distillation of investigations by group 4 into "Managing complications of gingival and periodontal diseases and professional mechanical plaque control". This group was chaired by Prof. Mariano Sanz, the overall chair of the Workshop organising committee