full guidelines for professionals on preventing periodontal disease and peri-implantitis

The long-awaited full guidelines for professionals on preventing periodontal disease and peri-implantitis will be officially launched at 15:30 on November 9 in a live online Webinar. Register here

'Prevention' streamings will be made available separately in key international locations.

This special informative internet seminar will be presented by the four chairmen of the working groups from the XI European Workshop in Periodontology, to date the world's most thorough evidence-based analysis of research into periodontal prevention.

The overall Workshop chairman, Prof. Mariano Sanz will host a conference-style seminar from a Madrid television studio. He will moderate for his co-chairmen, Iain Chapple, Sören Jepsen, and Maurizio Tonetti as all four debate the conclusions of the Workshop and the carefully prepared guidelines for dental and oral health professionals, and for patients.

The featured experts aim to give as complete a picture as possible of how preventive dentistry will impact on the future of the profession, and they will combine the results of the Prevention Workshop (November 2014) with the 2012 Workshop on Periodontal and Systemic Diseases, the conclusions of which are reframing periodontology with reference to medicine as a whole. Findings linking periodontal diseases to common, life-threatening conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease have widened the debate and heightened the case for comprehensively-researched prevention to form the basis of primary care supporting changes that improve patients' quality of life..

Indeed, methods through which professionals can effectively advise and enable lifestyle changes in patients were extensively studied by the Prevention Workshop researchers, and their work on setting and achieving goals has been distilled into the key guidelines to be discussed during the Webinar. The event will effectively mark the first key step underpinning the strategic health vision of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP): Periodontal Health for a Better Life.

Access to the November 9 Webinar will be open not only to dentists and periodontists but also to hygienists, dental students, and other health professionals.

The streaming will also be launched separately in the following countries:

Italy, October 30.
Germany, November 19.
Spain, November 26.
UK, December 3.