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EuroPerio8, London June 3 - 6, 2015 - The pinnacle of periodontal science

London, February 20, 2015. The science at the heart of periodontology and dental therapy will be the focus for thousands of delegates travelling to London's ExCeL Centre this June for the triennial EuroPerio8 congress.

Over 100 of the planet's leading international researchers, clinicians and oral health specialists have been commissioned by the organisers of this biggest worldwide periodontology conference to deliver a spectacular programme aimed at imparting the alpha and omega of current knowledge in the fields of PERIODONTOLOGY and IMPLANT DENTISTRY... and much more.

While this carefully conceived programme would offer cutting edge updates in such areas as reconstructive surgery, periodontal regeneration, bioengineering, and the vital links between periodontal disease and conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it is balanced by many presentations on basic information for clinicians, hygienists, and members of the wider medical community. Indeed, GPs are targeted in a special section on Practical Periodontics.

Prevention, patient management, aetiology, and oral microbiology are amply covered. Emphasis is also placed on patient perspectives, a key area for periodontology as technology increases patient comfort and practitioners embrace multidisciplinary approaches.

Another burning topic will be peri-implantitis, and presentations focusing on the aetio-pathogenesis and therapies of this major downside of implant therapy are expected to draw huge audiences.

EuroPerio8 Scientific Chairman Prof. Mariano Sanz is calling on all followers of oral care, even those outside dentistry, to attend the event: "I think that anybody interested in oral science and the evolution of dental therapy should come to London for EuroPerio8. This is a three-day conference which takes place only every three years and it will cover everything we now know in 2015 from the most basic concepts to the most recently mastered sophisticated surgical procedures and reconstructive techniques."

"We will cover the whole scope of perio, from the simple ways to treat periodontal disease for the general practitioner, how the whole oral team should interact in treating and managing periodontal patients and, very importantly, how periodontal diseases can affect our body and what reactions exist with other systemic diseases," continued Sanz.

The EuroPerio8 programme is divided into three main sections, of which PERIODONTOLOGY is central, featuring Critical Factors in Periodontal Regeneration; Understanding periodontitis: current base knowledge; Periodontal specialist forum; and Keynote lectures.

The IMPLANT DENTISTRY section is rich in presentations, and features seven intense sessions covering the mastery of techniques and outcome improvement under three main headings: Master Clinician forum implants; Critical factors in aesthetic outcomes for Implant Placement; and Critical factors in bone regenerative therapies in the anterior. Throughout the congress, the latest scientific breakthroughs will be presented at the Research and Clinical Innovation sessions.

Some of the highlights of EuroPerio8 are reserved for the final day, Saturday June 6, with three outstanding keynote lectures to be given by Prof. Jan Lindhe, Niklaus Lang, and Paul Sharp and, complementing the programme's state-of-the-art coverage in science, the Final Session: 25 Years of Periodontology will bring EuroPerio8 to a close with a European slant on the crucial developments in the field since the late 20th century, the current position in research and teaching, and a look forward into what the future of perio might hold. This session, which will feature a full constellation of the stars of modern periodontology on one stage, will provide EuroPerio8 with its most complete overview of the evolution of European periodontology.

In addition to science, there will be an immense exhibition space where participants will be able to study all the latest products and technologies. Furthermore the industry presence will be complemented with a busy schedule of Sponsored Workshops and Symposia offering the latest research and development behind the innovations and technologies on show.

The Chairman of EuroPerio8, Francis Hughes, said: "It is an honour and a delight to be able to bring this meeting to London, to be hosted by the British Society of Periodontology for the European Federation of Periodontology. Taking into account the feedback from Vienna and previous EuroPerio conferences we are planning for EuroPerio8 to be the best and biggest EuroPerio to date!"

For more information on EuroPerio8, please watch this video: http://bit.ly/1Ewsswb

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