Dear colleagues,
The IADR General Sessions, that is, the world congress in dental sciences to be
held in Barcelona, coming in July 2010 is still ahead of us. Our Division is the
host in Barcelona, therefore at present our main concern is the success of this
forthcoming event. But time goes fast and we have already started to organize
the 2011 Annual Meeting to be held in Budapest.
In this advance notice we cordially invite you to attend the 45th meeting of
the Continental European Division (CED) of IADR, organized together with
the Scandinavian Division (NOF). This annual congress will be an important
event in European dentistry, where scientists, specialists and general practitioners
can exchange ideas and novel research findings, and also deepen their
knowledge. The CED-IADR conference in 2011 will provide first-hand information
on new developments, current and future trends and will additionally provide
an ideal opportunity for international exchange. The venue, the Theoretical
Building of Semmelweis University, sets the stage for science, clinical practice
and industry to unite in professional advancement.
The conference will cover all important basic science and clinical science
topics that are in the scope of IADR. It will be organized around scientific
symposia, workshops, main lectures, oral sessions, poster and oral-poster
demonstrations. These sessions will include basic and clinical research on
caries, ceramics, composi-tes, digital dentistry, erosions, implantation, periodontitis,
periimplantitis and tissue engineering, among others. Participants will
be able to select the topics based on their own scientific interest and organize
their personalized individual conference program.
We are aware of the recent financial crisis and the subsequent difficulties that
affect many universities and dental schools in Europe today. This may be also
the case for travelling, e.g. to IADR meetings. Therefore, the CED-IADR will provide
considerable support to young researchers through as many travel
stipends as possible, just as it happened in the past. We also seek the possibilities
for other awards to help the attendance of those in financial need.
Our organizing committee works hard to ensure the success of the 45th
Meeting of the Continental European Division in Budapest. But only you, who
attend can turn the meeting to real success both in scientific and in social
When planning to come to Budapest, please consider that this is one of the
most beautiful European cities, with plenty to see and plenty to do besides
cultivating science.
We look forward to seeing you in Budapest, September 7-10, 2011.
Yours sincerely,
Gabor Varga
Organizing President
of the 45th Meeting of CED-IADR