The first Master Clinic in Paris,

The first Master Clinic to take place in Paris, France during February 2014

New EFP congress: The Master Clinic comes to complement and raise the level of expertise in periodontics even higher.

The Master Clinic will be linked to topics of the European Workshops held during the same year. The Master Clinic will be organized every 3 years during the winter in the interim before the upcoming EuroPerio Congress.

The first Master Clinic, a prestigious meeting to be held in Paris, France on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of EuroPerio1. This will take place on 7-8 February 2014 at the prestigious Amphitheatre Lavoisier, Maison de la Chimie (situated in the heart of the city).

Congress committee: Jean Louis Giovannoli (Chairman), Pierpaolo Cortellini (Scientific chairman), Gernot Wimmer (Treasurer) and Xavier Struillou (President SFParo)

The theme of the first Master Clinic is “Peri-implant Plastic and reconstructive Surgery”. The important characteristic of the Paris meeting is that it will be focused on the one topic and is restricted to only specialists in periodontology. During the two days you will have the unique opportunity to hear top clinicians from around the globe share their experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery.


The program has been structured in the following sessions:

1.- Treatment plan and strategy- S. Gracis and F. Bonnet

2.- Socket preservation and soft tissue manipulation on ridge deformities- R. Jung and JP Gardella

3.- Ridge deformities hard tissue manipulation (1st part)- M. Merli and U. Grunder

4.- Ridge deformities hard tissue manipulation (2nd part)- M. Simion and F. Khoury

5.- Management of soft tissues and aesthetics- R. Burkhardt and T .van de Velde

6.- Management of biologic complications- O. Zuhr and S. Renvert


To render the program even more attractive, the technical setting will support the projection of 3D video-clips.  Speakers will have to possibility to present in 3D.


The online registration is now open through www.efpmasterclinic.com.

For an optimum learning experience, participation will be limited to 500 participants. Registrations will be handled on a first come, first served basis, so make sure not to miss out!


For the full program and further details please visit www.efpmasterclinic.com.