Peri-implant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”

  1st EFP Master Clinic conference,

the on-line registration will open Monday, 16th September at 9am CET through http://www.efpmasterclinic.com

This new event organised by the EFP will be held in Paris from February 7 – 8, 2014. It will be devoted to “Peri-implant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”  and will address individual topics in an in-depth, high-standard manner.

The  President, Sandro Cortellini has invited Master clinicians from Europe, to participate in the program, all of whom are internationally recognized for their expertise in this field. Attached please find the final scientific program.

Each session will be followed by a debate that will offer delegates the opportunity to share their experience.

For an optimum learning experience, participation will be limited to 500 participants. Registrations will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, we recommend registering soon.