A parodontológiai szakvizsga EU-s elismerése folyamatban van


Specialty recognition in Europe - READ & ACT

Please read the position paper and support us in our 2-step campaign towards the European Institutions to update the Professional Qualifications Directive and to include periodontology in its Annex V. This will ensure the automatic recognition of periodontal specialty diplomas and facilitate the mobility of periodontologists in Europe for those countries that recognize the specialty.

The EFP is currently reaching out to the Members of the European Parliament (elected delegates) and to the Council of Ministers of the EU in Brussels, as they are in the process of adopting the revised Directive. We expect the decision-making process to end in late 2013. Our first aim is to ensure that revised Directive includes a mechanism to include new dental specialties in the scheme for mutual automatic recognition of professional qualifications (Annex V). If this amendment is adopted, our second aim will be to secure the recognition of periodontology as a dental specialty at EU level, by adding it to the list of dental specialties in Annex V. To this end, EFP will initiate a campaign at the European and national level.

We need your support to convince the representatives of EU countries that this mechanism is critical and that there is a need to update the list of dental specialties in Annex V to include periodontology. We look forward to discussing with you the roll-out of the campaign in your country during the next months."